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How Helpful Is Social Media For Your Business?

Social media has become an essential part of our daily life. I can hardly recall any day when I, for one, forgot by any chance to check social media a couple of times a day. It has become our daily need, like an early morning coffee/tea. But I am not saying without a doubt that you and I ride in the same boat, but presumingly it has become a daily habit for most people. Still, our daily habit in a parallel business world is creating a new platform for businesses to work on and reach the target audience. Social media is not just a platform for entertainment or getting world updates, but social media is taking over the business world; big brands to small start-ups are now using social media marketing to reach their customer in every creative way possible. Social Media has resulted in an intense level of competition. But let’s not just drift away to the negatives since I am here to tell you how you can uplift your dying business using social media platforms and marketing. 
Before I talk about the benefit’s social media for businesses, I would like to dive in on the facts about data transformation and how it has helped in social media marketing and businesses. I am emphasizing data transformation because it will set your business apart from the competitors in this intense competition to win consumers over. What makes data-driven marketing great?

  • It will give you better clarity about your target audience; since it becomes much easier for you to separate and group the target audience, you are trying to reach. 
  • It will give you a clear understanding of your target audience behavior; on a smaller scale, you can know the taste and preferences, how much time do they like to spend on Facebook, what time of the day, or on what they are the most active, what content do they like the most and what content resulted in higher conversion rate. 
  • Enhance Customer Experience; Always think of end consumers, try to know their pain points, provide a more tailored experience, and get feedback. 
  • Personalization; your business needs to articulate a message to the right audience. At the right time, consumers now more than ever expect personalization offering and experience by businesses, but this requires leveraging individual customer data. 

Better Product; since you can collect consumer feedback about the service or product, you go back to your product and enhance it. It will reduce your product failure rate. Own the product, work to make it better for consumers as Word of Mouth will make it better.

We have discussed “how with the help of data, your brand can stay ahead of the competition in the digital world?” but if you still think your brand doesn’t need a social media presence or especially a Facebook presence even after knowing there are 2.89 billion active users on Facebook every month, then you should continue reading the blog because I am about to change not only your perception about doing business on social media but I will compel you to create your brand page on social media. And those whose business has a Facebook presence, you should read this blog because there might be something your brand is missing at the moment, and I might have an idea waiting for you to explore. 

Now I’ll map out some of the important benefits one’s business/brand might gain from social media presence:

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