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With Facebook growing as a great platform for businesses. It’s cost-effective, so this lowers the barrier to entry into the market not just for you but for many others, which results in intense competition. So, how do you beat the rush and reach your target audience first? You could do it organically but again, it doesn’t work effectively nowadays. But, an effective way of doing this is also by Promoting your page. Well, Facebook offers many advertising options. But it may get overwhelming for businesses since it has 1,300 targeting options, 6 main ad formats available, and 15 objectives to choose from. If only businesses have a great team working on the best Facebook ad combination or have amazing social media skills, if they don’t then their advertising will look indifferent.

But we are here for your rescue, we’ll make it simple for you to understand all Facebook ads type options including ad format and ad objectives, and how you could effectively use them and get better results.

People usually assume that Facebook ad objectives and ad format are as Facebook ad types. These two are different things. Where Facebook ad objectives mean your goals, where do you want to place an ad, there will be a goal or objective behind it. On the other hand, Facebook ad Format refers to how your ad appears creatively.

Advertisements based on Objectives

1.       Awareness Ad Type;

  • With billions of using people Facebook, certainly, the majority wouldn’t be aware that your company exists unless you were a famous brand. Awareness ads can build spontaneous awareness and general interest in your brand and the product or service you are offering. These are great to tell your brand story and build an instant connection with your audience.
  •  Awareness ads available to you are in; Brand Awareness which encourages the discovery of your company. Local Awareness creates awareness for local businesses (however there will be limited targeting options, and you’ll be able to target those close to your company). Reach shows your ad to a maximum number of people feasible (availability is limited).

  But how could you use Awareness Ad?

Now the awareness ads are made to make your company/brand visible to the audience. They are considered to be great for building a base audience, helping in creating awareness for your brand. Our advice to you would be to invest heavily in creatives like an infographic, short videos, eye-catching photos, now these ads need to be of High-Quality (no compromise because you need to make a good first impression), and also needs to be memorable.

2.    Consideration Ad Type;

  • Well, the objective behind this is to make people think about your product/services, in a way building curiosity, so they look for more information about your product/brand. These ads are great to help with the content you post in-app or on-site, including coupons, video testimonials, and blog posts.

  How will it work best for you, you may ask?

  •  It is to identify what content works best for you and increase that type of content. Lead people to lead-generating posts with an eye-catching infographic traffic ad. If any season is approaching then create offers people can’ ignore/pass. Remember to lead-generation ads to get more target audience.
  • Always remember no matter how awesome your content is on your page but people still might not click on your ad, so, invest in High-quality videos and images, or else you’re just wasting your time or money. If you want to lead people to your website then it should have a fast loading speed because believe us when we say, there is nothing more annoying than a slow website which loads for ages and we leave the website.

3.    Conversion Ads;

  • Conversion ads are more call-to-action ads, in other words, encouraging your target audience to purchase a product/service. The aim of using conversion ads is to convert the users. These ads are easier to measure, but it’s also costly than other ad types. An example of this is to send people to your store or fill a form.
  • Conversion ads include; product catalog sales, store visits, and conversions.

How could you use Conversion Ads?

  • Conversion ads use Facebook Pixel, it’s a snippet of code that follows you around the web. This pixel helps you track your user’s behavior and this will further help you to redirect them back later in the future. And if you are starting with conversion ads now, then don’t market to niche but keep it broad and Facebook will help you convert users. Once your ad is done, you’ll be able to collect data and plan your next move accordingly.

In Conclusion, Facebook ad promotion has robust analytics, helps you Micro-target your target audience, helps you create an ad for your specific audience, helps you remarketing people, and much more. But what’s important is to use these ads with format effectively for better results. One needs to understand what’s working best for them and what’s not and find ways to reach their target audience sooner.



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